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Movement Therapy, Relaxation Therapy, and Somatic Psychotherapy 

(Please note these are not physical therapy services)

Movement Therapy and Relaxation Therapy: Appointments are available for private pay only for:

  • Relaxation Movement Therapy and Breathing - through massage and movement release tension, stress, anxiety, and fears from your body. 30 Minute sessions
  • Relaxation Therapy - if you find yourself with 15-minutes while you are waiting for someone in our waiting room or just want to book a 15-minute appointment to release tension in neck and shoulder muscles, please contact us.

Somatic Psychotherapy: Mind-Body Movement Therapy: Mind-Body Movement therapy integrates concepts from somatic psychotherapy and movement therapy to teach you how to release the trauma, worry, anxiety, fear, tension held by the body through relaxation, mindfulness, body awareness and movement interventions. The goals of mind-body therapy are to teach you how to: 

  • Identify Trigger sites in your body
  • Identify emotional states connected to trigger sites
  • Learn how to focus attention and attitude towards progressive change
  • Lear how to down-regulate and release physiological and somatic responses through breathing, relaxation, meditation, self-talk, and movement therapies.

Individual somatic psychotherapy sessions are conducted collaboratively by both Dr. Katherine Pang and Dr. Kelley Puckett. For appointment information, private pay only, please call Dr. Katherine Pang at 214.531.7624

Dr. Kelley Puckett is a licensed physical therapist who received her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the University of North Georgia and her undergraduate degree in Public Health Sciences from Clemson University.  Dr. Puckett has spent the predominance of her career working with patients suffering from neurological disorders and chronic pain. She has a specialty certification for LSVT BIG in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. Her mission is to assist the body’s natural healing properties through movement and physical touch. Dr. Puckett’s Shih Tzu Levi accompanies her during treatment sessions to further provide therapeutic relaxation as needed.  

Please note that Dr. Puckett is not providing physical therapy services in providing movement, relaxation, and somatic therapeutic services.

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Dr. Kelley Puckett.