Dr. Katie Sharp

Dr. Sharp is a Licensed Psychologist and received her PhD from the University of Kansas’ Clinical Psychology Program in 2016. She completed her pre-doctoral internship training at the Central Iowa VA Healthcare System, where she received extensive training in the use of empirically-supported treatments for post-traumatic stress disorder. Dr. Sharp joined Lakewood Wellness Partners as a post-doctoral resident in 2016 and continued with the practice as a licensed psychologist. 

Dr. Sharp specializes in work with adults with a wide range of anxiety and stress-related disorders, but also has proficiency in treating mood disorders such as major depression. She heavily emphasizes a cognitive-behavioral therapy approach to treatment with a strong focus in development of skills to promote long-lasting healing and recovery. Practices of mindfulness, acceptance, and self-compassion are routinely emphasized in therapy. Dr. Sharp’s goal is to equip her clients with a strong set of therapeutic tools to allow them to overcome current emotional challenges and to learn to navigate the inevitable pain in life.

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